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The positive things about the car are that it runs and drives good. During the summer I drove the car at least once a week. It shifts smoothly and at the correct speeds. Power seems adequate. There are no unusual noises in the engine or drive train. The brakes are good and do not pull to one side or the other. Steering is good and straight. The body does not have any big dents or dings. Everything seems to line up good. The paint is a flat black. There are some imperfections in the paint though. The grill is in great condition, and all the emblems are there. All the lights work except one back-up light that has a bad ground at the light. Gauges and horn work. The back curved glass is good and the back passenger windows are decent. New parts were put on by the previous owners and as far as I can tell they are new. They are new brakes, radiator, water pump, electric fuel pump, 6 volt battery, 6 volt generator, regulator, cap, rotor, and valve covers. The car has been lowered approximately 3" by cutting the front springs, and adding blocks to the back. The ride is really smooth.