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Contact Seller at: *******!!!!!******** If clicking the link doesn't work, please copy and paste the URL in a new browser window and eliminate any unnecessary spaces, letters or special characters. More pictures at : '7" WIDE, 7 FT TALL, 13 FT LONG WITH A 24 INCH SLANT WALL DRESSING ROOM. LIGHT WEIGHT EASY TOW - ONLY WEIGHS xxxx LBS!TWO LARGE DROP DOWN FEED DOORS (WITH DROP DOWN BARS), POLISHED ALUMINUM SIDE PANELS, 3/4" RUBBER CUSHIONED FLOOR, TANDEM xxxx LB DEXTER RUBBER TORSION AXLES WITH GOODYEAR 205/75R15 LRC TIRES AND 5 LUG WHEELS,AND ELECTRIC BRAKES ON BOTH AXLES.>